PGMC: Celebrate The Silver Screen

On February 15, 2015 I attended a performance by a number of talented soloists in the Portland (Oregon) Gay Men’s Chorus.

A packed church was serenaded by eighteen songs from the silver screen.

Some of my favorites were: “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once, “The Way He Makes Me Feel” from the movie Yentl, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” from the movie Shrek, “Pure Imagination” from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and “Out Here on My Own” from the movie Fame.

Chocolates and wine were served in the chapel.


IMAG2061 IMAG2063 IMAG2068


Heart Day – 2015

“And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love.”
William Blake

February 14th has evolved over the years to be a day when many citizens of the world take time to let their heart focus on the importance of love and affection. For more on the history of the day, please click on: Valentine’s Day

For me it also marks the day (February 14, 2008) when I felt that I had finally fully “recovered” from the trauma of quintuple by-pass open heart surgery, performed at noon on November 9, 2007, some 3 months earlier. As I rolled into the operating room, I listened to an old Canadian folk song written by Connie Kaldor titled “Wood River.” The lyrics for the song include the words, “… the heart is bigger than trouble and the heart is bigger than doubt, but the heart sometimes needs a little help to figure that out.

Pillow used to protect the  area of the chest which was cracked open

Pillow used to protect the area where my chest was cracked open

On that Valentine’s Day in 2008, I started training to walk a half marathon and on May 4th, 2008 I completed walking the 13.1 miles in almost 3 hours and 12 minutes.




Eugene Marathon 2007-1a

Two weeks later, on May 17th, I walked the Michael J Fox 5K in 44 minutes and 6 seconds. When returning home from this event, near the University of Oregon, I met Barack Obama in the lobby of Sacred Heart Hospital where I had my surgery. He was running for president and was visiting someone there. On his way out of the hospital’s lobby he stopped to speak to me and a five and 3/4 year old boy who had also undergone open heart surgery. He stooped down, put his arm around the lad and asked me to take a picture of the two of them.

obama1 (2)

The following winter (2009) I retreated to the coast of Maine for four winter months and started to read my life’s journals. The retreat was the start of my writing a formal collection of life memories, presently titled “Before Memories Fail.” It remains a work in progress.

In November of 2014, on the 7th anniversary of my open heart surgery, I started to write a novel and will continue to work on it throughout 2015. The cover of the novel is below:

Current draft is over 200 pages, 16 chapters, and over 80,000 words.

Current draft is over 200 pages, 16 chapters, and over 80,000 words.



Window display in Vancouver BC





Sculpture met on walk in Vancouver BC



Flower Rose My Shadow


Heart dress

Located at a clothing shop (Velvet Edge) on Broadway and Pearl in downtown Eugene,


Ruling expected at the end of June 2015

Ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on Marriage Equality is expected at the end of June 2015


Nationwide Marriage Equality ?

Our U.S. Supreme Court is finally going to rule on Nationwide Marriage Equality before the end of this term – in June 2015, probably June 29th. They will hear arguments in April.

So far there are 36 states and DC where marriage equality exists.

17 countries already provide marriage equality, starting with the Netherlands in 1971, over 43 years ago.

I am contemplating going to Washington DC this June to be on the steps of our Supreme Court when the ruling is announced. What will this summer bring?



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Portland Gay Men’s Chorus 2014

I attended a superb performance by the Portland Oregon Gay Men’s chorus on Dec 7, 2014 with a friend.

The concert was titled “A Holiday Celebration.” The chorus sang in English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic and was lead by Bob Mensel, who is beginning is 21st season with the PGMC. The mezzo-soprano, Jennifer Gill was the special guest artist.

The program included chorus songs, dance numbers, violin solos and sing-a-longs. My favorite was Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”  where the chorus was joined by Jennifer Gill and Eva Richey (violin solo). The chorus moved their white gloved hands in synch with the lyrics creating a magical impression of snow falling and snow covered trees.

You may see their upcoming concerts at

Congratulations to the PGMC! 2015 is their 35th year: 1980-2015





YaPoAh Terrace Retirement Apartments Eugene Oregon


Amtrak Cascades Train departed one hour late


Friend, Dan Johnson, in lobby of Newmark theatre


Bowl of beads on display in Newmark lobby


View from 2nd Balcony down to lobby of Newmark Theatre


I was way up there.


View of stage from second balcony before guests arrived


World AIDS Day Dec 1, 2014

World AIDS Day is December 1st.

Below I share a poem I wrote in Portland Oregon on December 1st 2008 while I attended a World AIDS Day vigil on the waterfront.

The strong pillars of the Morrison Bridge

are draped in soft ribbons of red light,

reflected in the waters of the Willamette,

like free flowing stains of blood.

A damp chill of the first December evening

joins a slow drizzle from a dark and sad sky.

I walk


a circular fountain

stilled in serene silence,

thinking of Joe and Bob and Tom,

quietly crying,


        I check my cell phone

        “No Recent Calls”

I walk on.



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